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Lance K.C. Jackson

Co-Founder, Roadies Of Color

Lance “K.C.” Jackson is the Production Stage Manager for the Legendary R&B group Earth, Wind And Fire. Lance is also one of the Co Founders of the Roadies Of Color United Social Network and Professional Association. Lance’s Career spans over 40 years in the Entertainment Services and Live Concert Touring Industries.

Lance has over those years learned to wear many hats to stay active in the game everything from FOH Engineer, Monitor Engineer, Electronics Tech, Audio Tech, Truck driver, Guitar Tech, Keyboard Tech, Stage Manager, Production Manager and Tour Manager.

Lance has been privileged since that first tour to have toured every single year since then on some of the Hottest Tours and with Main stream A List Gold and Platinum Artist. The Gap Band, Larry Graham, Rick James, Cameo, Marvin Gaye, Jeffery Osborne, Luther Vandross, Patti LaBelle and Justin Bieber to just to name a few

Lance Thanks this Industry and the many folks who shared their knowledge and stage craft with him to help him development his various skill sets and for molding a lot of his character and professional ethics which he now shares through Roadies Of Color United.

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Bill Reeves

Roadies of Color United International

With more than 40 years of experience it’s safe to call Bill Reeves a showbiz veteran. Bill started working in the mid 70’s as a stage hand at a casino showroom in Lake Tahoe California. Conversations with guys working with the various acts that appeared in the showroom prompted Bill to get a job with a company that supplied lighting rigs to touring acts. So it was that the first time he attended a concert was also his first job working on the road. He never looked back.

Starting as an electrician on tour for such acts as Alice Cooper, Tony Orlando & Dawn and Chicago Bill progressed quickly to working as a Lighting Director, Production Manager and eventually as a Tour Manager.

Over the years Bill has worked with such acts as Teddy Pendergrass, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, Usher, Maxwell and Anita Baker. He has worked numerous times for acts such as Luther Vandross (14 years), Prince (4 tours), D’Angelo (3 tours) and is entering his 14th year working with Anthony Hamilton. Along the way he has worked as a site coordinator, venue production supervisor and company manager for a Broadway musical.

About 10 years ago he co-founded a social network group called Roadies of Color United. That group now has close to 1000 members and recently filed papers to become a 501c(6) Professional Association to better serve the goals of advocacy for a more inclusive and diverse workforce in the concert production industry.

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