Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Opening Remarks

Evolution of Live Sound

From Woodstock and the earliest days of concerts to today’s digital sound systems and mixing board sound for fans, Production Live will embark on an acoustical journey through past, present and future of live concert sound, what we’ve learned and where live sound is headed.

Dan Healy, Audio Engineer,
Anne Marie Simpson-Einzinger, Co-Founder, MixHalo

11:00am- 11:45am
Emerging Markets: Can We (And Should We) Get There From Here?

In an era where an artist can quickly generate a truly global following and labels routinely plan global launches, the international touring market has shifted drastically. Many mainstream Western artists are legitimately capable of selling tickets in far flung territories, but is that reason enough to play there? The Middle East, Eastern Europe, India, Africa, China, and other territories are clearly worth a look, but just because an act can play there doesn’t mean they should play there. Among the considerations are cultural differences, logistics, geo-political climate, production capabilities, and whether the show is a one-off or destined to be a regular port-of-call. Production Live will examine this topic from all angles from experienced producers and world travelers.

Moderator: Charlie Hernandez, President, QED Productions, Co-Founder, Just A Bunch Of Roadies

Magnus Danielsson, Vice President, International Motorsports & New Business Development, Feld Entertainment Inc.
David Goldberg, Book My Show
Brendan Hoffman, Director of Touring, TMWRK Management
John Lickrish, CEO, Flash Entertainment (Abu Dhabi)
Jeremy Norkin, Music Agent, UTA

World Touring Update: What You Need to Know to Tour in 2020

Before the 2020 touring season gets completely underway, experts in a wide array of disciplines will advise touring professionals on updates they need to be aware of as they travel the globe. Among the topics discussed will be global security updates and concerns, DOT regulations, work and payroll related issues, a heads up on diversity and inclusion riders, and other areas where the pros may need a heads up. This is a must-attend for live entertainment professionals!

Moderator: Paul Korzilius, Bon Jovi Management

Doug Oliver Pioneer Coach
Todd Dyer, CAPS Payroll

12:45pm- 2:00pm


It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: How To Build The Perfect Festival and Not Get Fyre’d

From Woodstock 50 to Pemberton to Fyre Fest, some of the best-laid plans of promoters and producers never come to pass or, perhaps worse, DO come to pass and fail miserably, in either case leaving a trail of lawsuits, ruined reputations, and pissed off fans in their wake. Many of the pitfalls that keep a festival for coming off successfully, if at all, land on the production side of the equation, either from proper permitting for the site, misguided budgeting, or the suitability of the site to host a festival at all. Many of these festivals’ shortcomings could be avoided or exposed if seasoned production pros had been involved in the earliest planning stages. A panel of experienced festival production veterans will discuss what must be considered when planning a festival, and how to make sure a festival comes off seamlessly from a production standpoint.

Leca Guimaraes, C3 Presents
Charlie Jennings, Co-Founder, Grey Street Events

Coffee Break

OK What Do You Want To Know 2: Ask The Legends

It’s baaack! One of the most popular sessions in the history of Production Live is returning, as legends of the live concert production industry take on ANY question from the audience. Come for the information, stay for the war stories!

Jake Berry, CEO, Jake Berry Productions
Lori Tierney, Partner, SOS (Satellite Office Services)

Pollstar Live! Opening Night Reception