Production Live! 2019


Monday, February 11

Opening Remarks

10:15am- 11:00am

Sustainability: How Green Touring Impacts The Greenbacks

Mike Martin, Founder & CEO, EFFECT Partners


Nic Alder, Festival & Culinary Director, Goldenvoice

Tom Chauncey, Senior Agent, CEO & Founder, Partisan Arts

Dianna Cohen, Ceo & Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition

Farid Mosher, Sr. Guest Services Manager, C3 Presents

Tanner Watt, Director of Partnerships,  REVERB


Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy: How Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Can Transform Live Entertainment


Federico Augugliaro, Head of Productions, Verity Studios

Craig Evans, President & CEO, Digital Nation Entertainment

Chad Finnerty, Eyellusion


What We Need To Know for Touring the World in 2019
An update on the latest regulations effecting the touring industry, with a focus on new U.S. laws and driver/transport regulations and the impact—or lack thereof—of Brexit on the UK/Euro touring landscape.


Adam Hatton, Managing Director, Global Motion

Steve Gruning, VP Global Partnerships, SOS Global Express

Mark Guterres. Managing Director, Transam Trucking Ltd

Wayne Linder, Pioneer Coach

Joerg Philipp, Owner, Beat The Street


Oasis Courtyard



Achieving Efficiency at Rehearsals: How To Rock Opening Night

As concert touring and live events scale new heights in wow factor while continually striving for efficiency, innovation and cost-effectiveness, prep time has become more critical than ever. As technology continues to evolve, the demands on a successful, safe and cutting edge event are also higher, and more costly, than ever. It takes more time to build and test the gear; longer to learn new systems and applications for the science; and demands an increased attention to detailed at every level. By allowing time for vendors to integrate their gear and for crews to learn the show, production are able to attain safer, smoother, and ultimately cheaper event runs. More than ever, rehearsal are no longer a luxury, but have become essential. A panel of veteran event production pros will take on the issue of maximizing rehearsals.


Andrea Shirk, General Manager, Rock Lititz


Matt Hales, Sr. Project Manager, Concert Touring, TAIT

Shaun Clair, VP, Business Development, Clair Global


So What Do You Wanna Know?

A rare opportunity to ask the most seasoned veterans and visionary production minds anything you want to know about producing, staging and transporting live entertainment. In this unique “town hall”-styled format, Production Live will for the first time offer an open forum and “anything goes” scenario in a no-holds-barred audience participation session guaranteed to shock, surprise, stimulate and entertain. Come ask the pros about anything or anyone you love, hate, or are curious about.

Stuart Ross, Red Light Management


Mike Downing, Chief Security Officer, Prevent Advisors

Sara Full, Tour Manager, The Lumineers

Charlie Hernandez, President, QED Productions, Co-Founder, JUSTABUNCHOFROADIES.ORG

Marty Hom, Tour Manager

Lori Tierney, Partner, Satellite Office Services, LLC


Coffee Break


Bells & Whistles & Shiny New Toys: The Hot New Stuff in Sound, Lights & Video


Paul Bradley,CEO, Eventric

Mickey Curbishley, US President, SoloTech

Laurent Vaissié, CEO, L’Acoustics, North America


That Won’t Fly Now!: Touring Production 30 Years On

How has the production world evolved over the past 30 years, what tricks have you learned, what was common in the old days that would never fly now? War stories.


Pollstar Live! Opening Reception

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